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About Us

Financial Recruiter's specialty practices allow focused attention on the financial industry and functional expertise. They are search professionals bringing background and experience in locating the top talent in key functional areas to their clients. FR carefully matches their client's needs and corporate culture, using a unique combination of experience, expertise and resources. Through key alliances, research and industry knowledge, they have the opportunity to identify some of the most important developments in the financial industry. FR knows and understands the brokerage environment. They are able to act quickly, recruit top talent and operate in "broker's time" because of their experience dedicated to this industry.

Competitive Advantage

With thirty years experience on Wall Street as brokers and hedge fund managers FR has a solid track record, credibility and name recognition. While also very involved in investment management through Capital Asset Investments, LLC, management has many different sources of information. Through their personal database, they not only know where the brokers are, but where they came from as well. They have the ability to source back to previous employers. People take FR's calls and want to work with them, including potential candidates and sources. Their professional contacts enable them to reach deep within the industry to source traders, salespeople, branch managers, hedge funds and other alternative investment groups. Their practice can identify potential candidates most do not know.

Market Analysis

FR's detailed knowledge of the brokers landscape includes traders, portfolio managers and analysts. One of his core strengths is building long-term relationships with his clients. FR takes the time to learn his client's culture and understands the type of person who is the best fit to be effective in that environment. Working with the client, FR analyzes the company's needs to determine the required set of skills, understand organizational relationships, define the required experience and identify the other characteristics necessary for the successful candidate.

Financial Recruiters LLC

1044 Route 22 West, Suite 1

Mountainside, NJ 07092

Phone: 908-233-3841

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